July 12, 2024

Gil is an integral component of Final Fantasy XIV, and there are various methods to obtain it. Players can amass significant sums by questing, crafting, doing leves or selling any equipment or items they no longer require for sale.

There are also treasure spheres which award solely in f14 gil, as well as quests and hunts that grant Gil as rewards.


Crafting may not seem like the ideal way to earn money at first, but once you learn how to utilize the Market Board, crafting can become one of the most successful means of amassing gil. Players value convenience over price – and offering them equipment, food or potions on sale is surefire way of increasing earnings!

FFXIV Gil can also be obtained through main story and job quests, daily duty roulettes (for those with a favorite class), challenge logs and leves. Equipment dropped from defeated monsters can also be sold on the player market for extra income.

Understanding opportunity cost is of the utmost importance in strategy games like World of Warcraft. Gathering base materials often isn’t worth your while due to how cheaply they’re priced on the Market Board; your time would likely be better spent undercutting and raiding instead. Of course, this depends on server demand for certain items; similarly bribe commands on retainers can yield quite substantial Gil amounts as well.


Gil (GP), commonly abbreviated within the game, serves as the primary currency used by all players to buy items at shops, Chocobo rentals and use special abilities like Gil Toss.

Players can earn Gil through quests, guildleves, fulfilling duties on the Duty Finder or in dungeons, selling equipment on the Market Board or killing monsters. Some enemies also drop Gil when defeated such as beastmen and Notorious Monsters; their level determines how much will drop. Treasure chests or coffers often contain Gil when opened.

Most low-level players and casual free trialers may not require much gil, while end game adventurers will struggle without enough. High level players equipped with top gear and mounts will want plenty of gil to spend on items for glamour or house purchases; so how can one acquire such large sums of Gil?


Combat is the primary method for earning FFXIV Gil, especially against enemies that drop loot that can be used as items or sold to merchants for profit. Humanoid enemies such as Archadian soldiers and Bangaa can also drop equipment that can be sold off to earn good amounts of Gil. Lastly, players can gain small amounts through quest completion or missions completed and selling items through Market Board.

Trickplay’s Gold Mountain ability, for instance, increases the amount of gil a player earns after battles. Gil can then be used to purchase equipment and Materia; rent inns and transport services; purchase GP at Gold Saucer; use the Bribe command to win battles and items free; obtain prizes from Lady Luck’s reels as prizes of gil; earn guildleves gil; complete guildleves; dungeons duty roulettes and duty roulettes to gain it; finally receive it by mail or trading with other players via Market Board!


An essential aspect of playing Final Fantasy XIV, weapons and armor are crucial pieces of equipment, however they require a considerable amount of Gil, the game’s in-game currency. Amassing enough Gil can be challenging but there are various methods available to players for attaining them.

Gil is earned through battle and can be purchased with treasure spheres, while leves can also be completed at any time by completing them frequently.

Selling in-game items for real money in Final Fantasy XIV is against the rules, and can lead to banishment from the game. Therefore, it is wise to purchase your FFXIV Gil through reliable sellers online as this will prevent scams or any other issues and provide multiple payment methods and secure environments to conduct your transaction safely – saving both time and effort while allowing you to continue enjoying this classic RPG without worry!

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